What is your shipping policy?

Currently, Hangover Solved only ships domestically in the United States.

How do I order wholesale?

On larger orders, please contact us about placing a wholesale order.

What are the ingredients?

We have a small rundown on our Nutrition page. Furthermore, if you would like a more in depth nutrition label it is available on by clicking on the Nutrition Facts button.

How much caffeine is in the powdered drink?

95 mg of natural caffeine which is in the ballpark of a regular cup of coffee. The electrolyte potion is sweetened with stevia extract and contains no added sugars.

If I'm allergic to NSAIDs, can I still take this?

Yes. Hangover Solved is free of allergens. As always, please consult your primary care provider if there is any doubt.

How fast does Hangover Solved work?

Based on our testing, results are typically experienced within a 10 to 20 minute window.

When should I take Hangover Solved?

This is product you take the morning AFTER a night out.

Will Hangover Solved make me impervious?

While it cannot do that, it's formulated in such a way to drastically eliminate the symptoms of hangovers. Furthermore, it replenishes crucial components of your body's chemistry as a direct result of drinking. We guarantee you will like it or we'll give you your money back.

What comes in the box exactly?

Inside our box you will find a small packet containing 7 pills comprised of the 5 ingredients mentioned in our formula breakdown. We have doubled the dosage for 2 of the ingredients (specifically the NAC and Turmeric) because that is what we felt worked the best. You will also find a powder packet containing the Electrolye Elixir, which is meant to be consumed with Hangover Solved. Additionally, you will find a book of relevant literature that ranges from product use directions to nutrition labels.

Any other questions?

For all other questions or inquiries, shoot us an email!